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Phenylaminopropyltrimethoxysilane RJ-TMPA

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Chemical name: n-Phenylaminopropyltrimethoxysilane

CAS No: 3068-76-6

Molecular Formula: C12H21NO3Si

Chemical structure: 

Technical Index

Physical FormColorless transparent liquid
Refractive index, ηD25℃1.4225±0.0050
Purity, %98.0
Density(ρ20, g/cm3)1.070±0.010


Silane RJ-PAPS can be used in variety of applications, including:

v Plastic products (including cables, glassfiber-reinforcement plastics etc.), rubber products, adhesives, coatings, pigments dispersion, inks, magnetic materials (plastic magnet and rubber magnet), metallic casting resins and resins concrete, etc.

v It maximizes the physical and electrical properties of mineral-filled phenolics, epoxies, polyamides, polybutylene terephthalate, and a host of other thermoset and thermoplastic composites. Filler wetting and dispersibility in the polymer matrix are also improved.

v It improves adhesion between magnetic powder and organic resins and dispersion of magnetic powder inorganic resins. Also these magnetic appliances attain higher magnetic orientation and excellent magnetic properties, higher mechanical strength, good processability, excellent weathering resistance. 

v In glass-reinforced thermoset plastics, it enhances the flexural, compressive, and interlaminar shear strengths before and after exposure to humidity. It greatly improves wet electrical properties.

v With nitrile, polysulfide, epoxy, urethane, and adhesives and sealants, it improves pigment dispersion and maximizes adhesion to glass, aluminum, and steel.


Silane RJ-PAPS is available in 200kgs iron drum, 1000kgs IBC drum, or other packing on request.


Keep container tightly closed and store in a cool, well ventilated place. 

Shelf life

Original characteristics remain intact for 1 years, if kept in recommended storage.