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Phenyl Silicone Oil RJ-258 Long-Chain Alkyl

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Phenyl Silicone Oil RJ-258 Technical Index




light yellow transparent liquid

Viscosity, (25°C, mm2/s)


Density (25°C)


Volatile content(150°C /3h)


Refractive index


Phenyl Silicone Oil RJ-258 Features

Good Lubricity

Effective parting property

Excellent thermal stability

Good hydrophobicity

Compatible with most organiccoatings and adhesivesystems

Molded parts can becoated/painted/plated withoutexcessive cleaning

Phenyl Silicone Oil RJ-258 Applications

As a lubricant:

• Base oil for high temperature greases.

• Lubricating oil betweenstainless steel and titanium steel which is hard to lubricate, it can also be used as lubricating oil of aluminum machine, etc.

• It has good compatibility with synthetic resin, if added into the plastic, it can help to improve the lubrication of the interface of the plastic products.

As auxiliary agent:

• After being mixed with paraffin, it can be used as lubricant for fiber and yarns, auxiliary agent for melting spinning.

As a parting agent:

• It has effective parting property and the molded parts can be coated/painted/plated without excessive cleaning.

As a cosmetic additive:

• Suitable for the usein skin care, color cosmetics and hair care applications. It can improve the lubricity and spreadability

Package, Transportation & Storage

1. Available in 20KG Plastic drums or 50KG Plastic drums.

2. Required sealed and airproof packing.

3. Avoid from oxidant, acid, alkali chemical materials and the heavy metals, such as N, P

, S, Pb, tin, cadmium, mercury.

4. Transportation: As non-dangerous chemicals.

5.  Shelf life: 1 year.