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Long-chain Alkyl Silicone Oil RJ-6015

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Production Description

RJ-6015 long-chain alkyl silicone oil is a long chain alkyl modified polydimethylsiloxane, with the following chemcial structure:

Technical Index




light yellow and transparent liquid

Active content, %:


Viscosity(25°C, cst)


Density(25°C, g/cm3)


We can manufacture the product with viscosity from 5 to 2000cst according to our customers' requirements.


It can be soluble in any proportion with mineral oil and it has excellent properties of lubrication, oil-soluble, abrasion resistance, defoaming, anti-sticking resistance, printability and good affinity with organic materials.

It can be used to improve the lubrication of the silicone oil under the extreme pressure, high-quality and high value special modified silicone oil can be obtained by adding RJ-6015 into mineral oil, so it can improve the high and low temperature performance of mineral oil.

Compared with Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), long chain alkyl modified silicone oil products mainly have two new features:

1. Enhancing the hydrophobicity of the silicone oil, it has better hydrophobicity with the skin, so it can be used in cosmetic, house hold care fields.  

2. Enhancing the lubricity of the silicone oil, it can be used in the Lubricating oil, release agent, lubricant , etc.


·The product is widely used in lubricants, cosmetics, tape production and other industries.

·The product has good adsorption of metal materials and excellent lubrication, the lubrication of aluminum is especially good, it can be used as metal lubricant and can also be used as the base oil of high-lubricity grease.

·The product can be used in the mold release agent for plastics, rubber, PU products, etc.

·The stripping of plastic, rubber, PU products with the product, does not affect the surface printing, evaporation, pressing and painting and other follow-up processes.

·The product is also used as defoamer and leveling agent for paint, latex, printing inks based foaming system.

·The product is used in daily chemical products, such as hair conditioner, lipstick, and so on.

Package & Storage

1. 25KG, 50KG plastic drum or 200KG galvanized iron drum.

2. Keep in a dry and cool place, avoid contacts with strong acid and alkali, etc.

3. Non-dangerous goods.

4. Shelf life: 2 years.