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Phenyl Silicone Oil RJ-254

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Phenyl Silicone Oil RJ-254 Chemical structure:

Phenyl Vinyl Silicone Oil RJ-254 is used in LED and the encapsulation protection of the Electronic and electrical components.

Phenyl Silicone Oil RJ-254 Technical Index




Light yellow transparent liquid

Volatile content(150°C /3h)


Density: (25°C)

0.8900 - 0.9805

Viscosity: (25°C, mPa.s)


Refractive index


Vinyl contents


Phenyl Silicone Oil RJ-254 Features

High cured film hardness, good light transmission, low light decay, good anti-yellowing and resistance to age

Low shrinkage and moisture absorption rate

Excellent adhesion to PPA, PCB, electrical components, ABS, metal

Excellent mechanical and electrical insulating property

Super heat stability

Good resistance to water, solvent, radiation

Phenyl Silicone Oil RJ-254 Applications

Phenyl Vinyl Silicone Oil RJ-254 is used in LED and the encapsulation of the electronic and electrical components, to make the low hardness of LED encapsulation silicone rubber and silicone gel and fix the electronic components, together with phenyl hydrogen silicone resin and vinyl phenyl silicone resin, it has good light transmission.

Package, Transportation & Storage

1. Available in 5KG Plastic Drums, 20KG Plastic drums or 200KG Iron drums.

2. Required sealed and airproof packing.

3. Avoid from oxidant, acid, alkali chemical materials and the heavy metals, such as N, P, S, Pb, tin, cadmium, mercury.

4. Transportation: As non-dangerous chemicals.

5.  Shelf life: 1 year.