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General Purpose Silicone Sealant RJ-M820

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General Purpose Silicone Sealant RJ-M820 is single component, neutral curing, dealcoholize type, solidified at room temperature by moisture in air. The cured silicone rubber is excellent for general industry.

Properties and Features

 v  Single component, curing at room temperature, Dealcoholize curing.

 v  Excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, ensure the photovoltaic modules from sustainable work - 40 ℃~ + 180 ℃;

 v  Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance;

 v  Excellent electrical insulation;

 v  Excellent bonding properties for most substrates(Glass, Aluminum and other);

 v  Excellent moisture resistance. 

Technical index

Items Specifications 
Viscosity , cpsNon-slump
Solidification typeSingle component Dealcoholize
Specific gravity, g/cm31.4±0.05
Tack-Free Time, min5~20
Durometer hardness, A40~55
Tensile strength, MPa≥2.0
Elongation at Break, %≥250
Volume resisitivity, Ω.cm1×1014
disruptive strength,KV/mm≥17
working temp., ℃-40~180

Physical data in the above table is for reference only.


 v  Mainly used as silicone sealant for electronics parts and assemblage, sealing and adhesion, with high and low temperature proof, aging proof, vibration absorb, and impact cushion, easily repair and excellent anti humid properties, such as electrical cabinet, solar cell, cell, mixed integrated circuit, TC fan and parts, electrical appliances, power supply, sensor, fluorescence light, film switch, military electronics units, airplane system, LED,LCD,CRT display etc.

 v  The above applies to household appliances. Small home utensils like such high temperature appliance as coffee pot, microwave oven or heating pipe, high temperature proof (applied continuously at 260 degree),: electrical iron, electrical frying pot. 

 v  Above for the industrial electrical and electronic. Seal around circuit or conductive contact point, fix power module, gap filling for box or modules, assemblage of units in printed circuit, or metal flange and oil resistant mechanical and engine equipments. 

Safety application

 v  All surfaces must be clean and dry. Degrease and wash off any contaminants that could impair adhesion. Suitable solvents include isopropyl alcohol, acetone, or methyl ethyl ketone.

 v  Not contact eyes with uncured sealant and wash by water once contaminated. 

 v  Avoid long time to exposure to skin. 


300ML plastic hose. 200L iron drum packaging or different packing available.


Belong to the non-dangerous goods, please stored in a cool and dry place under 27 ℃.

Shelf life

It has 9 months usable life from the date of manufacture. Stored under cool and dry place.