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Silicone Sealant For Slar Photovoltaic Assembled Parts RJ-M811/821

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This silicone sealant is specially used for solar battery components for solar photovoltaic components manufacturing industry bonding, sealing and design of single component, neutral curing of high-performance. The product has good adhesive performance with many materials such as metal, plastic, glass, etc, after curing the elastomer has excellent electrical insulation, water resistance, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance and uv resistance, resistance to yellow degeneration.

Properties and Featuresd

 v  No corrosion to the substrate; 

 v  Excellent high temperature resistance and cold resistance, ensure the photovoltaic modules from sustainable work - 40 ℃, + 260 ℃;

 v  Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance;

 v  Excellent electrical insulation;

 v  Excellent flame retardancy;

 v  Excellent moisture resistance. 

Technical index

Items Specifications Specificaitons 
Viscosity , cpsNon-slumpNon-slump
Solidification typeSingle component DeketoximeSingle component Dealcoholize
Specific gravity, g/cm31.39±0.051.4±0.05
Tack-Free Time, min5~205~20
Durometer hardness, A40~5540~55
Tensile strength, MPa≥2.0≥2.0
Elongation at Break, %≥300≥300
Volume resisitivity, Ω.cm1×10141×1014
Disruptive strength,KV/mm≥17≥17
Working temp., ℃-60~260-60~260

Physical data in the above table is for reference only.


It is used for bonding and sealing of the aluminum frame of solar photovoltaic module and the junction box and TPT/TPE.

Use restriction:

 v  All materials that will seep into grease, plasticizers or solvents, such as oil impregnated wood, oil bottom plate seams, and certain unvulcanized or some vulcanized rubber lining and tape.

 v  Unventilated places (silicone rubber depends on moisture in the atmosphere to solidify).

 v  Frosted wet surface.

 v  Continuous flooding environment.

 v  The place where the ground is humid all year round.

 v  The surface that needs to be painted because the paint will crack or peel off.

 v  Places that are vulnerable to wear or physical damage.

 v  Direct contact with the surface of the food.

Industrial use instructions:

 v  The substrate surface should be kept clean and dry.

 v  Cut the tip with the required size and apply the sealant to the sealing surface to form a continuous and uniform glue line.

 v  Close the assembly after gluing, and use the utility knife to remove the excess gel from the extrusion. 

 v  Curing is a process from the surface to the interior, and the glue will solidify within 24h (room temperature and 50% relative humidity).

 v  2-3mm depth, deeper parts, especially with limited air contact, curing time will be prolonged.


300ML plastic hose. 200L iron drum packaging or different packaging available.


Belong to the non-dangerous goods, please stored in a cool and dry place under 27 ℃.

Shelf life

12 month.