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Nano waterproof coating RJ-WP21

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RJ-WP21 is a new generation solvent based water repellent developed by nano technology, it can impart super hydrophobic water repellency to various substrates. 

After nature stone is treated by RJ-WP21 and fully cured, contact angle between water drop and substrate can reach 150°or more. RJ-WP21 will impart excellent lotus effect and self-cleaning function to the substrates.

Technical Index




 lightly yellow solution

 Active content, %


 Density, 25℃



v Excellent contact angle higher than 150°.

v Good depth of penetration.

v Self-cleaning function.

v Real lotus effect.

v Suitable for various substrates, no matter alkaline substrates or neutral substrates.

v Contains no organic tin catalyst which is toxic.

v High resistance to alkalis.

v Tack-free drying.

v Rapid development of water repellency.


● All kinds of concrete include aerated concrete.

● Highway, airport runway, bridge & tunnel.

● Cement mortar, lime mortar & cement fiber boards.

● Interior or exterior wall

Use guide

1. Dilute RJ-WP21 with organic solvent such as petroleum solvent or solvent oils. RJ-WP21 should be diluted with a weight ratio of 1:20-1:25.

2. Spray or brush RJ-WP21 on substrates, or impregnate substrates into RJ-WP21 for few minutes. 1 liter RJ-WP21 can treat more than 10 m3.

3. Fully cured treated substrate for 1-3 days, no contact with water or fire. In summer tack-free time is only 2-3 hours, after that substrates will be water resistant, then 3 days later there will be super hydrophobic properties.

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