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RJ-3057 Bath Softening Agent

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Product Description

Bath Softening Agent RUISIL RJ-3057 is a special modified polysiloxane with excellent shear stability and PH stability.

Because of its anionicity system, Bath Softening Agent RUISIL RJ-3057 has very good compatibility which can be compatible with most textile auxiliaries

Features and Advantages

v  Excellent chemical stability,including shear stability and PH stability

v  Good Alkali resistance, especially used in pre-treatment process, avoid bruise and extrusion crease of knitted fabric etc.

v  Good silk hand feeling 

v  Good hydrophilicity and launderability

v  Low yellowing,can be applied on white fabrics

Technical Index




Slightly yellow liquid

Solid content, %



Weakly anionic

pH(1% in water)



As a textile auxiliary agent, Bath softening agent RUISIL RJ-3057 can be used for all kinds of fabrics including natural fibers and chemical fibers. Its properties are similar to Momentive Magnasoft JSS.

Bath softening agent RUISIL RJ-3057 can be used directly or pre-dilute before use  while no need to be emulsified.

For textile finish process, Bath softening agent RUISIL RJ-3057 can be applied by padding and impregnation finishing.

Because of its anionic structure, Bath softening agent RUISIL RJ-3057 has limited compatibility with anionic auxiliaries. Compatibility tests should be carried out before it is used together with other chemicals.


RUISIL RJ-3057 is available in 50kg, 100kg,120kg or 180kg plastic drums or other packing on request.