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Two-component Silicone Potting Sealant RJ-M8000

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Silicone encapsulant RJ-M8000 is a two-component silicone encapsulant designed for heat, water, and insulation of electronic appliances. The product has excellent thermal conductivity, flame retardancy, electrical insulation and aging resistance. It can reliably protect sensitive circuits and components within a wide range of temperature and humidity changes and avoid environmental factors such as stress, vibration and humidity. Damage to the product, play a role in heat dissipation, insulation, waterproof, anti-corrosion.

Properties and Features

1. Prior to curing, it has good fluidity, strong osmotic force and easy to seal;

2. It can be cured at room temperature, which can also accelerate curing at high temperature and improve production efficiency;

3. Excellent heat conduction performance, effective heat dissipation;

4. Flame retardant property, green and environment-friendly, comply with EU RoHS directive;

5. The curing process is not exothermic, no by-product, no corrosive to the base material;

6. Deep curing, small shrinkage, better waterproof and anti-aging properties;

7. excellent high and low temperature resistance, in -60 ~ +200 ℃ temperature range good insulating properties. 

Technical index

Item AB

Before Curing 

Density g/cm31.5±0.51.55±0.5
Viscosity ,mPa·s1000-50001000-5000
Mixing ratio (weight ratio)1:1
Mixed viscosity, mPa·s1500-5000
Operation time, min.≥20
Initial fixed time, h≤4

After Curing 

Hardness, shore A20-60
Tensile Strength, MPa≥0.5
Thermal conductivity, W/m·K.≥0.4
Dielectric strength kv/mm≥18

Physical data in the above table is for reference only.


 v  Modular solid state relay, electric power semiconductor module, such as moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-seismic, insulation;

 v  Module power supply, LED modules, and potting of sensors, ballasts, etc.

Operation and safety

 v  The workplace should always be well ventilated;

 v  The uncured sealant should not contact the eyes. If contact occurs, please flush with water and contact the doctor.

 v  Please avoid prolonged contact with the skin, which may cause itching;

 v  Keep out of reach of children.

Industrial use instructions:

 v  Measurement: accurately weigh A and B components according to the proportions of A and B. Note that before use,A and B components should be stirred properly, so that the stuffing at the bottom is dispersed into the glue solution.

 v  Stirring: mix the A and B components in the mixing tank, and the uneven mixing will affect the appearance and insulating properties of the cured materials, or the curing is not complete.

 v  Pouring: apply the mixture evenly to the product that needs to be filled. Manual operation is recommended after vacuum defoaming.

 v  Curing: potting good parts at room temperature curing, the early solid into next working procedure, room temperature usually takes around 8 ~ 12 hours curing, let stand or potting good component, make its own bubble, bubble largely disappeared after heat curing. In summer, the temperature is high and the solidification will be faster. The temperature in winter is low and the solidification will be slower.


5L;20L plastic barrel packaging or different packing available.


Belong to the non-dangerous goods, please stored in a cool and dry place under 27 ℃.

Shelf life

12 month.