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High penetrate concrete waterproof RJ-WP18

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RJ-WP18 is a solventless silicone concentrate that is based on a mixture of silane, siloxane and silicone resin. RJ-WP18 can be diluted with organic solvents such as alcohol, ester or hydrocarbon solvents, serving as high-quality general-purpose water repellents for a purpose of impregnating and spraying various substrates like concrete, nature stone, timber, wood pellets and other porous substrates.


* Excellent contact angle higher than 120°

* Good depth of penetration

* Long waterproof age

* Suitable for various substrates, no matter alkaline substrates or neutral substrates

* Contains no organic tin catalyst which is toxic

* High resistance to alkalis

* Tack-free drying

* Rapid development of water repellency


RJ-WP18 is suitable for imparting water repellency to absorbent, porous, mineral construction materials, e. g.:

* brickwork

* all kinds of concrete include aerated concrete

* highway & airport runway

* bridge & tunnel

* cement mortar & lime mortar

* cement fiberboards

* mineral plasters

* mineral-based natural and artificial stone

* timber and wood pellets


1. Surface must be clean, dry and free of contaminants before construction.

2. Dilute RJ-WP18 with organic solvent such as ethanol, isopropanol or petroleum solvent. To prevent or reduce the harm to the operator and environment, please avoid using solvents like Methanol, Benzene and Chlorinated solvents. Solvents with boiling point range from 140-190℃ and flash point higher than 40℃ are more recommended. For slightly damp substrates, Petroleum hydrocarbon solvent is better than alcohols.

RJ-WP18 should be diluted with a weight ratio of 1:9 – 1:15.

3. Spray or brush diluted solution twice or more on substrates, or impregnate substrates into diluted solution for few minutes. If spray or brush method applied, the reconstruction should be taken only after the former coating is dry. Fully cured treated substrate for few days under room temperature, a high temperature would be helpful to accelerate the reaction. Better to do a water absorption test after 24 hours.

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