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Silicone Solutions for Power & Electronics Products
Made by blending silica or metal powdersinto a silicone fluid base. Ruisil Thermal Grease have excellent thermo-oxidative stability,electrical properties, and water repellency over a wide temperatrue range.
  • RJH-111 Ordinary molded silicone rubber
    Seal Gasket Roller Keypad
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  • RJH-801 Electrical insulating rubber
    insulators surge arresters high and low voltage electrical accessories
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Enhancing Performance Across Markets
  • Good physical performance
    Why the hottest new trend in Power & Electronics is here to stay.
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  • The Strength of Ruisil molded silicone rubber
    High rebound and low compression set Good mechanical properties Good heat stab...
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  • The Case for Silicone Rubber On Cable
    Discover the use of Silicone Rubber On Cable
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