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RJS-8810 Trimethylsiloxysilicate

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This product is environmentally friendly production processes, without toluene and xylene. Soluble in a number of silicone and organic fluids. This highly durable material provides excellent water repellence and resistance to detergent wash off. It can be used in skin protection products, sunscreen products, facial Make-up, lotions and creams, color cosmetics and so on.


AppearanceSolid Powder
Bulk Density(g/cm3)0.56~0.61

Features and Benefits

v Compatible with many organic solvents;

v Resistance to detergent wash of;

v Water repellence Environmental friendly.


Protective skin products, sunscreen products, hair treatment products, facial Make-up, lotions and creams, color cosmetics, etc.


Pre-mixing this product with a solvent of your choice. Good solvents are low viscosity silicone oil or cyclopentasiloxane. Add pre-mix to the oil phase of your formation.

Package & Storage

This product is package in 30L or 50L paper drum and 200L iron drum. Special package is available upon customer request. Storage can be done according to general chemicals. Avoiding sun and rain. Container should be sealed after each use. Use of this product is valid for 2 years.