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RJS-8812 Trimethylsiloxysilicate and Dimethicone

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INCI Name: Trimethylsiloxysilicate (and) Dimethicone

Silicone Resin Blend RJS-8812 is widely be taken as a replacement of Dow Corning 593 Fluid

This product is a mixed product of trimethylsiloxysilicate dispersed in dimethicone, forming a wash-off and anti-migration film. It is long-lasting Moisturizing in skin care products, better water repellency than dimethicone, and good adhesiveness to the powder cosmetics. Widely used in skin care products, make-up and hair care products.


AppearanceColorless transparent to lightyellow translucent fluid
Refractive Index(25℃)1.401~1.409
Siloxane Content(%)100

Features and Benefits

v Hydrophobicity

v Film forming

v Long-lasting

v Wash-off

v Water repellencey


This product has a wide range of applications, such as hair and skin care products, make-up, etc., etc.

Due to containing volatile components, the product is recommended that be formulated at room temperature or below 50 ℃ .The recommended usage in make-up is 2-10%, in skin care is 0.5-5%.

Package & Storage

This productis supplied in 20L or 50L plastic containers, 200Liron drums.

Samples are available upon request in bottles.