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RJS-9045 Silicone Elastomer Gel

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INCI Name: Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Dimethicone Crosspolymer


RJS-9045 silicone elastomer gel is a mixture of high molecular weight silicone elastomer in cyclomethicone. 

It is a clear to slightly translucent gel, it could be dispersed in oil phase excellently. 

The product may be formulated into w/o emulsions, water-in-silicone oil, and o/w emulsions and anhydrous products to provide dry smoothness and a light silky skin, non-greasy feel.


Clear to slightly translucent gel
Penetration degree(1/10mm)
Non-volatile content(%, w/w)
Viscosity (CS, 25℃)


v Clear to slightly translucent crosslinked silicone elastomer gel

v Suitable for many personal care formulations Acts as a thickening agent for w/o and w/silicone oil formulations, cyclomethicones and other silicone fluids


v Provides dry smoothness and a light silky skin feel , non-greasy

v Enhances the aesthetics of cyclomethicones Reduces tackiness of formulations

v Quick absorption Cold processing

v Slight sebum absorption


Silicone Elastomer Gel RJS-9045 can be used in skin care, hair care, and other potential formulations, such as sun care, color cosmetics, and styling aid, etc.


It can be added to the oil phase or silicone phase in an emulsion formulation.

It can be post-added to emulsions provided the emulsion is viscous enough for the products to be dispersed.

For ease of use, blending with Dimethicone or cyclomethicone may reduce its viscosity.

When heat is used, the material should be processed in an enclosed vessel to prevent the cylcopentasiloxane from volatilizing.

The recommended processing temperature is not over 60℃.

The product would become very thick or even lumpy after a period of time.This is normal and it will recovery to original state after slightly agitate.

The suggested usage level is 1%-20%.

Packing & Storage

Silicone Elastomer Gel RJS-9045 is available in 18kg plastic drums or 200kg Iron drums.

Keeping away from the exposure of moisture, acids, alkalis, the sun and rain directly. The storage temperature could not be over 60℃

Shelf life:2 years