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Caprylyl Fluid RJS-4201

RJS-4201 Volatile Alkyl Methyl Siloxane Fluid is a caprylyl branched trisiloxane.The

siloxane consists of three silicon atoms, which is the shortest Dimethicone, and an

octyl group is attached on the middle silicone.

INCI NAME: Caprylyl Methicone

Technical Index

Clear liquid, colorless to light

amber, no Significant particulates

Specific gravity (25℃)0.840
Flash point - closed cup(℃)110
Viscosity (cS, 25℃)2~4
Active matter Content(%)100%

This product can be used in variety of applications, including:
  • Carrier for other ingredients
  • Dispersing medium for hydrophobic powders and pigments
  • Can be used in a wide range of personal care applications such as: Skin care (e.g., moisturizers, gels, makeup removers, facial cleansers)
  • Sun care
  • Color cosmetics (e.g., lipsticks) Hair care (e.g., leave-on treatments)
  • Antiperspirant/deodorant
  • Moderate volatility
  • Compatible with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients
  • Clear and colorless
  • Low viscosity and surface tension
  • Lowers surface tension of organic oils
  • Co-solubilizer between silicone oil and hydrocarbon oil
  • Disperse dye and pigment