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Silicone Antifoam RJ-T119TH

RJ-T119TH is a kind of modified organopolysiloxane mixture emulsion defoamer. Compared to traditional defoamer products, RJ-T119TH can maintain an excellent stability in the foaming system, and a good compatibility with auxiliaries. It is suitable for foam control in printing, pulping, bleaching, scouring, fiber oils of textile process. It can also be used in daily detergents, paper mill and rinsing process.

Technical Index
This product can be used in variety of applications, including:
Printing, pulping, bleaching, scouring, fiber oils of textile process
Daily detergents and other industrial detergents
Mechanical cutting
Paper mill
Antifoam Agent RJ-T119TH is available in 25kg/50kg/200kg drums and other container as requested.