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Silicone Masterbatch RJ-S107

RJ-S101 is silicone and olefin copolymerization that has good compatibility with polyolefin materials. Used in polyolefin film, it can impart the molding surface excellent slippery effect just in a small amount. The slip agent such as traditional silicone, erucamide and oleic acid amide always bring some problems: the pollution caused by migration or exudation and the effect changes with time and temperature. RJ-S107 has no exudation and it can solve the above problems.

Technical Index




Light white pellets



The content of siloxane polymer


Heat loss


Carrier resin


This product can be used in variety of applications, including:
  • Due to its standard particle form and the same grain size as polyolefin’s, it is suitable for directly extrusion, biaxial stretching, casting, blown film molding after mixing and dispersing evenly with the particles of polyolefin.
Three co-extruded BOPP
  • When being used in three co-extruded BOPP, it can be directly added to the heat-sealing layer to decrease the static and dynamic COF of film surface thus improving processing speed and stable quality. It has long-lasting slip performance without odor, exudation and influence on printing. RJ-S107 can be used with all known additives. When used together with fillers, it can promote dispersion property.
Food contact additive
  • RJ-S107 can be used as food contact additive.
According to state and international transportation regulation, RJ-S107 is not a dangerous product. The standard packaging is PE bag, 25kg net weight per bag, 500kg net weight per pallet. For other quantitative packaging availability, please contact