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Silicone Oil RJS-201-0.65cst

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INCI Name: Hexamethyldisiloxane

Cas No.: 107-46-0


RJS-201-0.65 is a low viscosity, volatile polytdimethylsiloxane, colorless, odorless, nontoxic and non- irritating. For a high affinity with skin, the products can be used in the skin care products to obtain silk like smooth feel.

As a carrier, the products could provide better silky feel and enhance the long-lasting performance of other active ingredients on skin.


● Excellent spreading ability

● Excellent hydrophobic and gas permeability 

● Low odor, lower vapor pressure

● Good spreading ability and easy to rub 

● Silky skin feel


● Clear

● Non-greasy

● Non-occlusive

● Non-stinging on skin

Technical Index 

Item  Specification

  Colorless transparent liquid

Viscosity (25℃), cst  0.65
Density 25℃, g/cm3  0.760 ~ 0.770
Refractive Index, 25℃   1.3728~1.3768
Flash Point  -1℃
Color  10max


The product can be well formulated in personal care products to obtain better combing, conditioning and smoothness.

Packing & Storage

200L Iron drums or 1000L IBC drums

Caution During Transportation: UN NO: 1993;

Hazard Class : 3; Packing Group: Ⅱ

Keep container tightly closed and store in a cool, well ventilated place.

Shelf life:1 years