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PUR for Automotive Lamp RJ-PUR

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RJ-PUR: Reactive PU hot melt adhesive with 100% solid content, which does not produce bubbles during the reaction process. It has good adhesion to hard sticky materials such as PC, stainless steel, BMC and Nylon. After cooling, the adhesive can provide appropriate operating strength for subsequent processing operations. After complete reaction, the adhesive exhibits excellent water resistance and water resistance.

Properties and Features

1. 100% solid content, no solvent, no VOC and no pollution

2. Easy to use, low melting temperature and suitable construction viscosity and opening time.

3. Good adhesion for generally difficult adhered materials such as stainless steel, PC, BMC and Nylon.

4. Excellent high and low temperature resistance, water resistance and weathering resistance. 

Technical index

Property  RJ-PUR
Appearance  Black Solid
Curing mode  Moisture cure
Density g/cm3  1.10±0.05
Solid content %  100%
Melt Viscosity ,Pa·s/120℃  15-25
Open time  40-60
Complete curing time(23±2℃,50±5%)  ≤7d
After the product is completely cured
Hardness shore, A  ≥45
Peel strength, N/25mm  ≥600(Polycarbonate)
Volatiles, %  ≤0.1

Physical data in the above table is for reference only.


The waterproof adhesive and seal of the lights.

The adhesive and waterproof seal of the electrical and electronic and communications equipment 

The bonding and sealing of high temperature components on household appliances.

The waterproof seal of motor vehicles and vessels windshield 

The waterproof seal of other high-grade lamps.

Operation and safety

Surface Preparation:All surfaces must be clean and dry. All stress, static electricity, dust, grease, etc. should be removed. 

Adhesion: The gel glue gun has been pushed to clean the surface, so that distribution, if the temperature is low, the curing time will be extended.

The workplace should always be well ventilated;

The uncured sealant should not contact the eyes. If contact occurs, please flush with water and contact the doctor.

Please avoid prolonged contact with the skin, which may cause itching;

Keep out of reach of children.


25kg iron drum


Belong to the non-dangerous goods, please stored in a cool and dry place under 27℃.

Shelf life

9 months.