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Two-component Silicone Structural Glazing Sealant RJ-M6300AB

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This product RJ-M6300 is a two-component is two-component, neutral curing, medium to high modulus silicone sealant formulated specifically for use in the fabrication and shop glazing of unitized curtain wall modules.


1. None sag

2. Adjustable working time

3. Excellent adhesion to most building substrates

4. High bonding strength and modulus

5.12.5%movement capability

6. Silicone durability


It offers a quick and thorough deep section cure with high bonding strength to most commonly used building materials (primerless).

Technical index

Before curing
Property  RJ-M6300 A  RJ-M6300 B
Colors  White  Black
Density  1.3-1.6  1.03
After curing(Volume ratio A:B=10:1)
Operation time(min/25℃,50%RH)5-30
Tack-free time(min/25℃, 50%RH)60-100
Hardness/shore A30-50
Elongation at Break, %≥120
Tensile strength, MPa≥0.9

Physical data in the above table is for reference only.

Use instructions

Surface Preparation 

Clean all joints removing all foreign matter and contaminants such as oil, grease, dust, water, frost, old sealants, surface dirt, or glazing compounds and protective coatings. 

Mixing and Dispensing

To obtain the optimal performance of RJ-M6300, it is recommended that base and curing agent thoroughly mixed using a two-part silicone dispensing machine. RJ-M6300 should be mixed at a ratio of 9:1~11:1 base to curing agent by volume, or 11:1~13:1 base to curing agent by weight for optimal performance. Lot matching of RJ-M6300 base to curing agent is not required. Before use, it is recommended that curing agent be stirred to ensure the homogeneity of all components. 

RJ-M6300 part B curing agent will react with atmospheric moisture, therefore should not be exposed to air for prolonged periods of time.


1. Component A(Base): 190L, Component B(Catalyst) :18.5L


please stored in a cool and dry place under 28℃.

Shelf life

12 month.