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Epoxy terminated Silicone Fluid RJ-303

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Chemical Structure:

Epoxy terminated Silicone Fluid RJ-303.png

Epoxy terminated silicone oil is a epoxy end linear polydimethylsiloxane. It can be widely used as the reactive modifier of organic resin, and also it is an intermediates of block silicone oil.

Technical Index

Item  Specification
Appearance  transparent light yellow to light brown sticky liquid
Molecular weight  6000
Epoxy value:(eq/100g)  0.03—0.033
Viscosity(25℃mm²·mpa.s)  140-160
Density(25 ℃, g/cm3)  1.050-1.120
Refraction Index(25 ℃)  1.410~1.440


1. Used as the modifier of epoxy resin to improve the electricity performance and reduce the innerstress.

2. Used to synthesize copolymer block silicone oil, the finished products have the advantage non-yellowing,hydrophilic.

3. Used to prepare the demoulding agent to get the excellent demoulding result.

4. Used to increase the strength of the complex material and increase the interface binding force due to its good compatibility with the fillings and the fibers

5. Used as the broad-spectrum tackifier of addition type silicone rubber,it is also a good tackifier of aluminum glass.


200KG drumor other packing on request.


The product should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry environment, do not allow to be contacted with acid, alkali and other harmful substances.

Shelf life

1 year