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Silicone Foam Stabilizer RJ-F1800

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Silicon Stabilizer RJ-F1800 is a non-hydrolyzable silicone, designed to provide excellent foam stability and fine regular cell structure in extremely low density foams using liquid carbon dioxide as the blowing agent. In stretched formulations with high TDI, high water, high CO2, Silicone RJ-F1800 provides superior nucleating efficiency and dramatically reduces striations in the foam bun. It has full hydrolytic stability and can be used as a separate stream or in water/amine/ silicone preblends. Silicone RJ-F1800 offers enhanced stability while yielding foams with good breathability. 

Technical Index

Appearance  Clear liquid
Viscosity at 25℃,cSt  700-1000
Specific gravity,20℃  1.02
Flash piont,pensky-martens closed cup,℃  97
Water,%  ≤0.3

Features and Advantages

1. Silicone with medium efficiency

2. Excellent foam stability plus good breathability in low-density formulations blown with liquid carbon dioxide

3. Complete hydrolytic stability in water/amine/silicone preblends 4,Works well on all commercially available CO2 equipment (Cardio/Beamech/Novaflex)


Silicon Stabilizer RJ-F1800 is available in 200kg iron drum.


This product should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from fire and heat source. This product will be turbid and even solidified at low temperature. No impact on performance and usage. Heated to around 30 ℃ can restore transparency.

Shelf life

12 months of storage period or longer if the test is qualified to continue to use.

Silicone Stabilizers For Rigid Foams 

Product     Key Performance Benefits   Equivalent Products
RJ-H1600             Excellent k-factor in hydrocarbon systems and excellent froth sheer stability thus reducing void formation near injection location.  L-6988/B-8474/AK8830
RJ-H1601            Improved flow and dimensional stability,excellent polyol compatibility.  L-5440
RJ-H1602  Industry standard for low k-factor and good flow.  B-8462/AK-8805/L-6900
RJ-H1603  Excellent emulsification and flame retardancy  DC-193/AK-8804

Silicone Stabilizers For Flexible Foams 

Product     Key Performance Benefits   Equivalent Products
RJ-F1800          General purpose, non-FR silicone surfactant;  L-580/DC-5810/B-8110
RJ-F1801         Medium efficiency FR silicone surfactant , requiring least amout of flame retardant;  DC-5950/B-8239/L-650
RJ-F1802  High efficiency silicone suifactant with broad processing latitude;  L-620/B-8168
RJ-F1803  High efficiency silicone suifactant for improved foam yield;  L-595