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Silicone Masterbatch RJ-S105

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RJ-S105 is ultra-high molecular weight polysiloxane dispersed in styrene acrylonitrile (SAN). It will offer plastics better dispersibility and smoothness, and less effect on the material mechanical properties. As plastics additives, it overcomes the weakness of traditional silicone oil, with the advantage of higher content of silicone, non-migration, precipitation, no screw slippage problem during extrusion etc.

Technical Index

Property  Specification
Appearance  Light white pellets
Density  0.95g/cm3
The content of siloxane polymer  50%
Heat loss  ≤0.5%
Dosage  0.5%-5.0%(PC/ABS/PVC)


● Due to its standard particle form, RJ-S105 can improve many kinds of plastic’s (PC/ABS/PVE) properties in many aspects as an additive:

1) when dosage at 0.5-2.0%, improve processing, flow of resin and better mold release property.

2) To modify surface quality: when dosage at 2.0-5.0%, including better smoothness, finish degree, greater scratch and abrasion resistance.

3) Wear loss can reduce 30-80% when dosage at 2-5%.

4) It can also enhance surface gloss and reduce die drool.

● Typical applications: PVC cable compounds for better processing, lower COF and finish degree; engineering plastics like PC, PC/ABS, ABS etc for greater scratch& abrasion resistance and lower COF.


● According to state and international transportation regulation, RJ-S105 is not a dangerous product.

● The standard packaging is craft paper bag, 25kg/bag net weight.

● For other quantitative packaging availability, please contact our marketing representative.

Storage & Handling

Stored in a dry and cool place. Please seal up after each open.

Shelf life

Original characteristics remain intact for 2 year, if kept in recommended storage.