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Silicone Masterbatch RJ-S106

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RJ-S106 is a pelletized formulation with 30% ultra high molecular weight siloxane polymer dispersed in PA6 resin. It had been widely used as an efficient additive for PA6/66 or other compatible resin system to improve the processing properties and surface quality. With RJ-S106, properties like liquidity, de-molding, dispersion are highly improved. Meanwhile, The coefficient of friction is lowered and surface become smoother, thereby improving anti-friction properties, scratch and abrasion resistance.

Technical Index

Property  Specification
Appearance  Light white pellets
Density  0.95g/cm3
The content of siloxane polymer  30%
Heat loss  ≤0.5%
Dosage  0.5%-5.0%(PA)
Carrier resin  PA6


● Due to its standard particle form, RJ-S106 can improve polyamide’s properties in many aspects as an additive:

1) When dosage at 0.5-2.0%, improve processing, flow of resin and better mold release property.

2) To modify surface quality: when dosage at 2.0-5.0%, including better smoothness, finish degree, greater scratch and abrasion resistance.


● According to state and international transportation regulation, RJ-S106 is not a dangerous product.

● The standard packaging is craft paper bag, 25kg/bag net weight.

● For other quantitative packaging availability, please contact our marketing representative.

Storage & Handling

Stored in a dry and cool place. Please seal up after each open.

Shelf life

Original characteristics remain intact for 2 year, if kept in recommended storage.