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Silicone Masterbatch RJ-S201

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RJ-S201 is organic-group modified ultra-high molecular weight polysiloxane dispersed in polypropylene, which is used to improve process ability, surface performance and scratch resistance of polyolefin materials. Compared with general silicone-based anti-scratch agent, it has better compatibility with polyolefin system, better scratch resistance and less influence on stress whitening. It is the upgrade of RJ-S101. The molecular weight can be adjusted to fit different uses.

Technical Index

Property  Specification
Appearance  Light white pellets
Density  0.92g/cm3
The content of siloxane polymer  50%
Heat loss  ≤0.3%
Dosage  1.0%-5.0%(PP)
Carrier resin  Homo-polypropylene
MFR  2-12 g/10min for different molecular weight


● Due to its standard particle form, RJ-S201 can improve PP plastic’s properties in many aspects as an additive:

1) It is suitable for directly injection molding, extrusion, and blown film after mixing with the plastic particles.

2) It can obviously improve the processing fluidity, reduce torque thus improve throughput.

3) It can also obviously improve surface gloss and smoothness.

● Low VOC, no odor, no exudation, less influence on stress whitening, excellent long-lasting scratch resistance along with excellent thermal stability.

● Still has good scratch resistance even after aging.

● RJ-S201 can be used with all known additives, used together with fillers can promote the dispersion of fillers.

● RJ-S201 can be used as the food contact additive, the polyolefin part of RJ-S101 is compliance with article 177.1520(c)1.1 of FDA, siloxane part is compliance with 181.28 of FDA.


● According to state and international transportation regulation, RJ-S201 is not a dangerous product.

● The standard packing is PE bag, 25 kg/bag net weight, 500kg/pallet.

● For other quantitative packaging availability, please contact our marketing representative.

Storage & Handling

Stored in a dry and cool place. Please seal up after each open.

Shelf life

Original characteristics remain intact for 2 year, if kept in recommended storage.