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Silicone Defoamer RJ-C101TH

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RJ-C101TH is an efficient silicone based defoamer which is stable in industrial process application.

RJ-C101TH has a good foam breaking and inhibiting performance even at extreme pH and high shear conditions.

Technical Index

Property Specification
AppearanceWhite Emulsion
Viscosity(mm2/s ,25℃)1500~5000
Solid content11%
Density0.9~1.1 g/ml


 v  Mainly used in industrial cleaning and pulping treatment.

 v  Good pH tolerance, good shear tolerance.

 v  Excellent dispersion capability, can be used in different methods. 

 v  Good foam breaking and inhibition performance with less dosage.


 v  Industrial cleaning

 v  Metallic surface cleaning

 v  Pulping.

Recommended Usage

Add the product directly or after dilution to the foaming system. Use it as soon as possible if diluted. 

Can be added to the chemicals directly.

Suggested usage is 0.05~0.2%, the final usage need to be determined after trials.


RJ-C101TH is available in 25kg, 120kgs , 200kg plastic drum and other packing on request.

Transportation and storage

Transport as non-hazardous chemicals, keep away from humidity strong base and acid. Sealed storage at 5~40℃, direct sunlight, heating and freezing are not allowed in transportation and storage. No acid, base and salt can be added to the product.

Mix before use if the product get layered.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 6 months.