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Powder Silicone Defoamer RJ-PD101TH

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Synonyms: Powder Defoamer, Antifoam Powder

RJ-PD101TH is a modified silicone-based powder defoamer. It can be used in high temperature, extreme pH condition. 

RJ-PD101TH can be applied in industrial wash and other dairy detergents with an outstanding foam inhibiting performance. 

Technical Index

AppearanceWhite to yellow powder
pH6~8 (1% solution)
Solid content≥98%


 v  Good performance at low dosage level.

 v  Excellent foam inhibiting performance.

 v  Strong heat resistance.

 v  Suitable for strong base and high temperature application.


 v  Beverage bottle cleaning.

 v  Detergent foam inhibition.

 v  Industrial cleaning.

 v  Waste water treatment.

Recommended Usage

Poweder Defoamer RJ-PD101TH can be added in the system after foam generated, or added in advance as an inhibitor.

The dosage can be vary from 10~1000ppm depends on different application field. Trial to determine the best dosage is needed. 


Powder Silicone Defoamer RJ-PD101TH is available in 25kg, paper drum and other packing on request.

Transportation and storage

Transport as non-hazardous chemicals. Sealed storage at 10~30℃,and direct sunlight, heating and freezing are not allowed in transportation and storage.

Do not add any base, acid or salt chemicals into the products during the storage time.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 12 months.