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Polyether Defoamer RJ-O206T

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RJ-O206T is a polyether based defoamer with good stability and compatibility. It has an excellent foam breaking and inhibition performance.

RJ-O206T can be used in natural gas sweetening, oil-water, oil-gas separation, industrial cleaning and other fields in which silicone based defoamer is not applicable.

Technical Index

AppearanceColorless to pale yellow viscous liquid
Viscosity(mm2/s ,25℃)400~1000 
Solid content≥98%


 v  Mixture of different fatty alcohol polyether.

 v  Good pH tolerance.

 v  Good stability and compatibility for normal storage condition.

 v  Good foam breaking and inhibition performance with less dosage.


 v  Natural gas sweetening

 v  Oil-water and oil-gas separation

 v  Industrial cleaning

 v  Other application field in which silicone based defoamer are not allowed.

Recommended Usage

Add the product directly to the foaming system

Test its compatibility before adding in the system

Suggested usage is 0.1~0.5%, the final usage need to be determined after trials.


RJ-O206T is available in 25kg, 50kgs , 200kg plastic drum and other packing on request.

Transportation and storage

Transport as non-hazardous chemicals. Sealed storage at 5~40℃,and direct sunlight, heating and freezing are not allowed in transportation and storage.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 6 months.