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Silicone Defoamer RJ-O102T

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RJ-O102T is a special modified silicone defoamer. Compared with the traditional defoamer, it can maintain good stability and excellent high temperature performance. It is suitable for use in delayed coking, oil and gas separation and other high temperature solvent foaming systems.

Technical Index

AppearanceWhite or light yellow fluid
Specific gravity (25 ℃)0.82~0.90
Flashing pointMore than 40 ℃
Applicable solventhydrocarbon


 v  System stability

 v  Equilibrium defoaming performance

 v  Persistence good

 v  Immediate type

 v  Good thermal stability

 v  Low surface tension


 v  Suitable for non-aqueous foaming process

 v  Delayed coking 

 v  High efficiency Defoamer for crude Oil / Gas Separation, especially when the ratio of Gas to Oil is High

Recommended Usage

It is recommended that volume pump metering be used to optimize the addition during continuous or semi-continuous operation.

The general addition range is 0.5-100ppm. For different defoaming systems, it is recommended to carry out experiments in advance to achieve the best defoaming effect and to control the appropriate amount of defoaming.

For applications such as delayed coking, it is recommended that the evaluation be carried out in the range of 40-80 ppm.

For applications such as oil and gas separation, it can be added between 1 and 10 ppm.


RJ-O102T is available in 25kg, 50kgs or 200kg plastic drum or other packing on request.

Transportation and storage

Transport as non-hazardous chemicals. Sealed storage within10~30℃,and heating and freezing are not allowed in transportation and storage.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 12 months.