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Silicone Defoamer RJ-O109T

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RJ-O109T is a kind of polyester modified silicone based defoamer. It is stable in the system and can be used in surfactant-rich environment such as textile auxiliaries, paper mill auxiliaries, detergents, cutting fluid etc.

RJ-O109T has good foam breaking and inhibition performance, it also has good heat resistance performance. 

Technical Index

AppearanceMilky White Emulsion
Viscosity (25 ℃)2000~6000 
Ion typenonionic


 v  Good stability in system.

 v  Good compatibility with surfactants.

 v  Good heat-resistance.

 v  Suitable for internal addition.

 v  No silicone deposit concern


 v  Scouring agent, soap oil internal addition.

 v  Thickener preparation for textile printing, blanch and coloring.

 v  Water-based cutting fluid, water lubricated oil.

 v  Detergent foam inhibition

Recommended Usage

Tests should be conducted before use to determine applicability.

Can be added directly into the system.

The amount of defoamer is 0.2~2% for different conditions.

Can be used above 60℃.


RJ-O109T is available in 25kg, 120kg and 200kg plastic drum or other packing on request.

Transportation and storage

Transport as non-hazardous chemicals. Sealed storage within10~30℃,and heating and freezing are not allowed in transportation and storage.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 12 months.