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Water and Oil Repellent RJ-WP28

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Water and Oil Repellent  RJ-WP28 is a macromolecular fluorosilicone compound, can be added to the other single film to use in oil painting and the film has anti-fouling property. It can significantly reduce the interface surface tension, and has excellent wetting property of the interface. It can be used in building materials, fabrics and other surface treatment. Also it can be used in oil-based system playing a wetting, anti-sticking, anti-fouling and etc. Small adding amount, easy to use, and long lasting performance.

Technical Index

Appearance: Clear or lightly yellow solution



v Low surface tension

v Excellent interface wetting

v Easy to form a low surface energy film

v Reduce the surface energy of the oil phase

v Water and oil repellent, and alkali-resisting


v For building materials such as oil painting

v Surface treatment of concrete, stone, brick, clay and etc.

Use guide

Dilute RJ-WP28 with organic solvent such as ethanol, isopropanol or petroleum solvent. It can be directly bush on the metal or other surface or let the metal dip in it. Room curing or dry in 70-80℃. 


200L drum (N.W. 150KGS)


This product is non-flammable chemicals. 

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