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Powder water repellent RJ-H80

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Synonyms: Superhydrophobic powder, powdered water repellent

Powder Water Repellent Admixture RJ-H80 is a new kind of rigid waterproofing material for building with good permeability and crystallinity. Crosslinking reaction happens between Si-OH in the molecular structure and Si-OH in silicate materials under the condition of moisture. So-called “anti-capillary effect” occurs to form an excellent waterpoofing layer.At the same time, it will have the effect of microdilatancy and will increase the compressive strength of the concrete.

Equivalent Brand: Dow Corning GP SHP 60

Picture of the application testing on the concrete substrates

Technical Index


White powder

Silicone Content





v Improve the waterproofing performance (absorption rate reduced by 70%)

v Easy to transport compared with liquid

v Do not affect the curing time and compressive strength

v Waterproofing for whole structure without worrying about surface off

v Waterproofing life: More than 20 years

Application Method

1.Concrete/mortar waterproofing 

Add RJ-H80 to a part or whole of concrete/mortar mixing water, then be added into the concrete/mortar mix.

Dosage: 1% by the weight of the cement

Curing time: 1 week

2. Cement waterproofing 

RJ-H80 is a kind of good waterproof powder for cement, mix RJ-H80 with the cement powder, which will make the cement totally be waterproofing. 

Dosage: 1% by the weight of cement

Curing time: 1 week

3. Power coating waterproofing 

Mix RJ-H80 well with the power coating.

Dosage: 1% by the weight of whole powder materials.

Curing time: 1 week

4. Water-base coating waterproofing 

Mix Powder Water Repellent Admixture RJ-H80 well with the ready-to-use coating emulsion.Then, use coating immediately.

Dosage: 1-3% by weight of whole powder.

Curing time: 1 week

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