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Powder Water Repellent RJ-H80

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Synonyms: Superhydrophobic powder, waterproof powder 

Powder Water Repellent RJ-H80 is a new kind of superhydrophobic powder for building with good permeability and crystallinity. Crosslinking reaction happens between Si-OH in the molecular structure and Si-OH in silicate materials under the condition of moisture. So-called “anti-capillary effect” occurs to form an excellent waterpoofing layer.At the same time, it will have the effect of microdilatancy and will increase the compressive strength of the concrete.

Picture of the application testing on the concrete substrates

Technical Index


White powder

Silicone Content





v Improve the waterproofing performance (absorption rate reduced by 70%)

v Easy to transport compared with liquid

v Do not affect the curing time and compressive strength

v Waterproofing for whole structure without worrying about surface off

v Waterproofing life: More than 20 years

Application Method

1.Concrete/mortar waterproofing 

Add Superhydrophobic powder RJ-H80 to a part or whole of concrete/mortar mixing water, then be added into the concrete/mortar mix.

Dosage: 1% by the weight of the cement

Curing time: 1 week

2. Cement waterproofing 

Superhydrophobic powder RJ-H80 is a kind of good waterproof powder for cement, mix RJ-H80 with the cement powder, which will make the cement totally be waterproofing. 

Dosage: 1% by the weight of cement

Curing time: 1 week

3. Power coating waterproofing 

Mix RJ-H80 well with the power coating.

Dosage: 1% by the weight of whole powder materials.

Curing time: 1 week

4. Water-base coating waterproofing 

Mix Powder Water Repellent Admixture RJ-H80 well with the ready-to-use coating emulsion.Then, use coating immediately.

Dosage: 1-3% by weight of whole powder.

Curing time: 1 week

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